Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good to know

Today was my first day at Cooper Union. Contrary to the poster above, everyone is really friendly. Confusingly so, coming from Saint Martins. Not that people aren't friendly there, it's just that, here, people remember who you are and take a real interest in you. Anyways, classes start next week and so far everything sounds very exciting. Each student has their own PHYSICAL post box. Like a real thing in a real room. For all the letters from the galleries and artists who want us to come to their show. Crazy.

Today was also the first time I actually fully soaked in the fact that I am in New York now. Staying with friends in Long Island for the first few days, that fact kind of escaped me. Today I had my first bagel in Manhattan, sitting outside of the cafe watching all the swooshy people rush past. Love it!

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