Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cinnamon's been asleep...

...but it's time to wake up now. It's been a month since my last post and I will try jump back on the train of blogging. One of the reasons for my non-blogging is my shocking lack of creative occupation since the end of term. And I simply didn't feel the urge to write about my recent obsession with Nintendo Wii Mario Cart. (Though there are some interesting things to say about that.) But there have been some developments and I will therefore announce that Cinnamon is going to change. I am off to New York in two weeks and will be there until the end of December for an exchange with Cooper Union. CU is a crazy art school in the East Village in lower Manhattan with lots of people with asymmetric haircuts. I think exciting times are lying ahead and I will try and document some of it on Cinnamon. This will mean a change from my mainly visual blog outset to a more diary like affair. Now, I don't mean the kind of diary where you write about irregularities in your period. I'll just try and tell about the things I come across every day in that crazy place called Big Apple. Bear with me, writing is not my unique personal strength, but I believe you get better at almost everything you practice and I think these months ahead will be interesting enough to be shared.

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