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American Institute for Graphic Arts is located in an exciting building full of beautiful books in the Flatiron district. Two examples below, which I like mostly because of their unusual binding method. The first one, whose title/publisher I unfortunately don't know, uses old fashioned book screws but remains well legible due to a clever page layout and cover make. The second one is the year book of California's Institute of the Arts (CalArts). The design of the book is based on a smart concept to represent the school's diversity. The designers wanted to show the wealth of faculties while keeping one common language throughout the book. Every faculty produced one folio and at the end all of them were stitched together. The book has no 'proper' spine, which allows the reader to see how it is made and again shows how each folio contributes to one whole book.

That's what I want to know:

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MOMA: Interiors

Michael Rakowitz, paraSITE homeless shelter, 1997 (dependent on another building, whose outtake duct of the heating system can be the host)

Items from MOMA's Color Chart exhibition.

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Go and See...

...Happy-Go-Lucky by Mike Leigh. I loved it. Sally Hawkins brings so much energy to the screen, portraying a truly loveable and unusual character. She gets mixed up in all kind of weird situations which is, though sometimes painfully chaotic, very entertaining to watch. Eddie Marsan's performance is ace. One of my favourite films in the last couple of years.

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Clinton Street, Manhattan

Clinton Street Bakery (4 Clinton Street, btw. East Houston & Stanton)

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