Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I hate air-conditioning. It is wrong and should be made illegal. I believe this country has been infiltrated by some drugs company specialising in cold-relief medication. Cause they'd make a lot of money. On me anyway. What is wrong with a bit of heat? It is only natural. Relax everyone. Think of the environment. Switch it off and get it over with. Oh well, I guess that's a bit harsh. It really is hot in New York, but this mix of oven outside and refrigerator inside really doesn't help either. And so I sit in bed, with a cold, only being cheered up by the podcasts of equally grumpy Stephen Fry. And the wonderful world of iTunes which allows me to download/rent a movie for a mere £3.50 if I am a UK customer or $4 if I am an American one. And in case you are a UK customer in America be prepared to pay UK prices anyway. Basta.

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L E A said...


so no news good news?.. hows school life and flat etc? do u miss us already? :)

oh btw ive got a blog too now! just click on my name on top ;)