Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Portrait Photography

Researching portrait photography for a new college project I came across this book from an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in 2004.

About Face, Photography and the Death of the Portrait, published by Hayward Gallery Publishing, London

Aziz + Cucher, Rick, from the series DYSTOPIA, 1995

Pierre Radisic, Couple 8-5-82, 1982

Keith Cottingham, Fictitious Portraits, 1992

Daniele Buetti, Looking for Love, 1996

Tibor Kalman, From the series 'What if', published in 'Colors' magazine (issue 4), 1993

Lawick Mueller, Athena Velletri - Nina (left), Apollo from Olympia - Oliver (right), from the series 'PERFECTLY superNATURAL', 1999

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