Monday, July 19, 2010

Guestbook Art

Went to see the summer show at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts.
Great show but I found 2 guestbook entries most interesting.

Click to enlarge. It reads, from top to bottom:
"At the beginning it was great but then it got boring."
Carlotta, 7 years old: "The staircase is great!"
"Very nice and tender, it enspires (sic) and the eye can relax!
Sigmund (6 years old): "What a pity there aren't more willies in this room."

At another installation, the guest book was used for an entire conversation:

"Hi Tim, I put your jacket in the kitchen, thanks again, Jan."

"The jacket is not there anymore it stands (sic) at mine."

"I have a second jacket, will swap for paint! tom"

Not a guest book but actual art: An installation in the staircase: 'Follow the keys'.

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