Friday, July 24, 2009

These Small Monsters...

...look like my last few weeks have been.

Less scary than they seem at first.

Colourful with unexpected bobbles.

Wide-eyed, with weird smile.

I exhibited my work at the degree show at the Bargehouse.

I went to the Munich Film Festival and saw 12 films in 3 days. My eyes did not become square-shaped.

I graduated from Saint Martins with a first class honours degree.

I packed my entire belongings into 2 big, 7 medium and 4 small boxes, 1 huge and 2 small carrier bags to move back to old Europe.

I bought the very last bottle of hand sanitiser from the local superdrug. According to the manager they order about 250 a day and they are gone in a second. Swine Flu is Bird Flu 2.0.

Details to all of the above in single posts in the next few weeks.

In diesem Sinne, see you all soon (ring-tailed or otherwise).

xxx L

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