Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go and See...

...State of Play.
I liked this a lot.
Here are some thoughts:
Russel Crow looks like Jesus only twice as heavy and with hair that's half as long.
He's the kind of journalist that can type fast even with a bandaged hand.
Orange seems to severely underpay their actors. The dark haired protagonist of their obnoxious 'don't let your mobile ruin your film'-campaigns has to do jobs on the side. We might think he has earned enough money and a lifelong free use of broadband and unlimited mobile phone calls. But no. He has many mouths to feed and therefore appears in this movie, too, causing the whole audience to break out in uncontrolled, nervous laughter whenever he's on screen. So much for ruining a couple of scenes.
The script writers thought it a good idea to have Helen Mirren say 'Geezer' more times in those 2 hours than I've heard it in the last 2 months in London. Just to make sure every last member of the audience understands she is British.
Oh, and watch out for the bad guy. Well, he's hard to miss, really, sporting a constant grim look on his face and the old scar underneath the eyebrow.
But, I did like it. And the end credit sequence is really nice. Really.

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