Saturday, November 1, 2008

'Beyond a memorable fancy'...

(Image: Glen Baldridge) an exhibition which opens at the EFA project space (323 W 39th Street) tonight. Together with my Canadian friend Emma, who is also an exchange student at Cooper, I worked on a very short 16mm film which will be part one of the installations. It is a project by my film professor David Gatten and includes film showing old bible pages which were transferred onto tape: Tape is stuck onto a bible page, then soaked in water until the pulp can be rubbed off. The glue of the tape takes on the black ink of the letters. This tape is stuck onto clear film and as long as the sprocket holes aren't covered, it will run relatively smoothly in a common 16mm projector. Very exciting. I'm hoping to put up our film sometime soon...but for now, just some images.

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